A different bachelorette party idea

There are many options how to throw a good bachelorette party.
Everybody that knows me well enough is aware of how I despise does embarrassing partys wandering the city, all dressed in horrible matching shirts or even worse costumes during the summer months. So every time I get invited to a bachelorette I get a little nervous, especially if I know no one except the bride to be.

So when a good friend of mine got hitched recently and I got an invitation for the bachelorette festivities I wasn’t all excited at first because I wasn’t sure what to expect, also because it said to bring your bathing suite (Yes I admit it, I’m not a fan of going to the sauna with random people). Luckily my worst expectations didn’t turn out to come true.

The Bride’s Made of Honor had planed something totally different from the usual.
We went for a training session with two of the Limmat-Nixen’s B-Team members and boy was that fun! I always wanted to try a synchronized swimming lesson. We had a total blast doing it and it was a great activity to get to know all the other girls.
We learned a whole choreography that afternoon, a very, very simple and basic one of course (the two girls Sophie and Désirée where extremely patient teachers and I think they quite enjoyed watching us almost drown and making complete fools of ourselves).

It was something I did not expect at all but would recommend to everyone who is hosting a bachelorette party, of course as long as the bride doesn’t totally hate wearing a bathing suite.

And last but not least let me say this. Who ever is in possession of the tape that was filmed during that swimming training, please destroy it at once! : )

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