The photo of the little boy’s lifeless body washed ashore haunted my dreams. I think I never felt this sorrow-stricken in my life and having worked in health care for a good 16 years I’ve seen my fair share of sad things. I cried… Maybe it is because I’m a mother now.
These people flee their homeland because they face such unbelievable terror so they choose to leave their homes and make their unknown, dangerous way towards North,
only so their corpses will wash up on Europe’s shores or that their shelters are burned to the ground. All they hoped for was to find safety. Let’s not forget that these people are depending on us to give them a temporary place where they can feel save and I am saying temporary for a good reason, because I think they’d rather not be here.  
Safe passage little boy wherever your soul may be traveling to now. May you find peace and be united with the people that loved you one day.
I weep for you, even though you are not my son. But how can a mother’s heart not ache seeing this…

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